16 September 2022

What a privilege

I am so glad I made it to Central London on Wednesday and stood for over two hours in this spot at Horseguards Parade.  They were 3-deep in front of me but I manage to see through the gaps between their shoulders to get a reasonable view. It felt great to be part of the atmosphere and to partake in such an historic event. By the time the procession started they were 8-deep behind me.

Suddenly we could hear bells tolling and cannon gunfire, so we knew the procession had started and after about 20 minutes, the procession passed by.

Then Her Majesty's coffin came into view. You could hear a pin drop, the crowd was so respectful. The soldiers were playing the very mournful funeral march.

All too soon, the procession passed through Horseguards Parade on its way to Whitehall and Westminster Hall. I was so pleased to be part of that historical moment.  If you zoom in to the left of the photo below you can see the Queen's children walking behind the coffin.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Good on you for making the effort ADDY. If I lived in London I would have probably done the same.