28 June 2011

Here's mud in your eye and another clue

Kay came back from Glastonbury yesterday with another two washloads of clothes - this time caked in Glastonbury mud. She thoroughly enjoyed herself despite the pouring rain (including an all-night-shift in the rain -she was getting free entry for working three shifts including doing an all-night gate duty). She then ended up with sunburn on the last two days. About par for the course then. She is so smitten with Glastonbury and cannot see why she has never been before. Except of course they are not going to be doing it next year, just as she gets the bug to go!

Meanwhile, another clue for you to ponder .............

Church restoration.......hmmmmm.........

Meanwhile, I'm off to do my grape-stomping dance, as Kay's clothes are all currently soaking in the bath, to get off that Glastonbury mud. You never know the trend might catch on!

24 June 2011


Unwittingly I have intrigued some of you as to the whereabouts of my forthcoming holiday with Kay. I thought I'd drop a few clues. Add them up and you might come up with the right answer. If not, all will be revealed when I return with (hopefully) some decent photos.

Clue no 1 .......

Daphne du Maurier

19 June 2011

Mother and daughter

Kay came back home from uni yesterday for the summer vacation. Fourteen glorious weeks stretch ahead together. I shall savour them and soak up the good it will do me which will have to last me through her next absence until Christmas. With her home only 24 hours, I realise just how starved of human company I had been this last year with only the dog, cat , paintbrush and television to talk to!

I have already done three washloads of dirty washing (well, she was busy doing exams up until a few days ago,so had no time for the niceties of domestic chores) and we are off shopping today to get, amongst other things, a new pair of wellies, as she has got a job working at Glastonbury this coming week. Once she is back from that we are planning a short escape to a place I have always wanted to go all my life, but never managed. Bless her, she planned (and paid for it) for my 60th birthday last November and it is now an arm's length from becoming reality. I am so excited.

Last night we sat in bed and chatted and giggled until 2 am like a couple of five-year-olds on a sleepover. I am in seventh heaven.........

06 June 2011

Home again

Back home yesterday after a nice week with my mother enjoying the lovely sunshine, hence I have not written myself or visited anyone else's blogs. I made two personal visits to two friends while I was there - to one in Hastings and one in Brighton - so it was nice to sit and chat and not have a paintbrush in my hand. Having said that, on the other remaining days, I was painting a garden shed and planting summer bedding in my mother's garden! I also drove my mother around the local countryside, for which she was heartily thankful, as she barely leaves the house these days, her arthritis having the upper hand in the war of mobility.

As I write, I have two young men in my bedroom (sigh), putting in new wardrobe doors! As soon as they have gone, I shall have my trusty paintbrush in my hand again about to tackle the bedroom, before Kay returns next week from Uni for the summer vacation.