18 May 2018

The Internet: the worst and the best

It's been three weeks since I last posted. A combination of being elsewhere and being in a bad place, if you see what I mean.

The elsewhere was in Brighton, where I took up role of Nurse Addy to help a good friend who had broken her leg. She lives in a tall Victorian house, with her bedroom right up in the attic -  rather like Rapunzel's Tower - and the kitchen way down two flights on the ground. Not very good when you have a broken leg (note to self, as I have six half levels broken by five flights of stairs).  It kept me fit doing up and down with things for her or helping her slowly and painfully down to get some fresh air in her garden.  

Whilst I was away I was victim to an Internet troll. I won't go into details, but it upset me greatly and, as always when I have stress, it went straight to my stomach. I have spent the last two weeks nursing a sore tummy.  These trolls think they can hide behind their computers and say what the hell they like. That is the down side of the internet.  Fortunately,  now I can say I am nearly over that and in full fighting fit mode (and probably full fighting mode with regard to the troll, whereas the last two weeks felt like the end of the World).

Kay meanwhile has literally been at the end of the World in Patagonia and is now in Santiago slowly making her way north along the west coast of South America. Thanks to the internet I have been able to keep in daily touch with her, so the internet certainly does have its good side as well as its bad.