19 December 2016

The Joy of Christmas

Well, the Christmas tree is decorated......

..... and the halls decked with holly and ornaments.

 Every surface is covered. The window sills......

......the pot plants......

..... the pictures.....

......even the kitchen table.

Rudolph is on stand-by for his busy night......


.... and a wish list has gone to Santa Claus.

 There's a warm welcome for guests.......

 .... and the true meaning of Christmas has not been forgotten.

Last night, Kay and I went to our local church for the most magical Carol service that they put on every year. Lights are turned off at the beginning and the nativity is narrated and acted out by adults in front of us at the altar. The Angel Gabriel brings lit candles in turn to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the three kings, who walk among us until they reach the tableau at the front. During this the choir sings the most haunting classical pieces. Eventually, towards the end of the service, candles are lit along the pews until the whole church is bathed in light. It's very emotional. This will be the seventh Christmas without Greg, he is never far from our thoughts at this time, but more so last night when the closing music for the church procession was Widor's Toccata which had been played at our wedding as we left the church. I somehow felt he was there with us.

All that remains now is for me:
  •  to thank you for all your comments over the year. I always look forward to receiving them and cherish them ; and
  •  to wish each and every one of you a peaceful Christmas time (even if that is not your faith) and a happy healthy 2017.

07 December 2016

All organised

Well, I'm thoroughly organised for Christmas this year, but it is not without some panic effort by Mrs Alcoholic Daze. I've bought all the presents (bar one on which I'm still awaiting daughter's advice as to which curling tongs exactly she prefers. Hint - hurry up and let me know, as we only have another 18 days to go!!). I've posted all the Christmas cards (and boy did the postage come to a small fortune. I'm hoping I misheard and am actually buying shares in Royal Mail instead). I've cooked  and frozen the red cabbage (to my German grandmother's recipe which knocks spots off anything the English restaurants try to do with it). I'm now awaiting the arrival of my sister-in-law who is coming down to stay with me for a few days to swap presents from her family to mine and vice versa. The larder store is full. Just one last-minute shop of the fresh things and I'm done. Annoying, aren't I? 

Oh wait a minute, I've still got the Christmas tree and decorations to do. Not so perfect after all.