11 November 2023


To my horror, It's been a month since I wrote anything. I've been partly busy but also partly poorly with another flare-up of acid reflux. My throat and stomach feel on fire and it's rendered me a pathetic version of my normal self. So much for the gastroscopy procedure I had done on 15 September.  My GP has increased my medication from two tablets a day (the normal maximum dose) to three a day which I have to take for no longer than a week as it can cause serious problems including liver damage.  I am desperate to get better as I am  going away soon and don't want to be ill, especially as it is a trip I have been longing to do for years. So a bland diet for me. If I never see another boiled egg again, I shall be happy!

I must confess my nerves have been on edge too. What with the stress of not knowing whether I'll be better in time, all the news about Gaza and Israel is really distressing. I know Israel felt justifiably wronged by the Hamas attack on 7 October, but two wrongs don't make a right and what Israel are doing to innocent people in Gaza is beyond belief. They have more than made their point and it's time to hand it over to an arbitrator. Mind you, it's kinda of that that got them in that mess in the first place, when Britain handed over part of Palestine to become the Israeli state in 1947. If you haven't seen it, the TV series The Promise is a good place to start.