26 October 2021

Pin Cushion

Well, I'm well and truly punctured. I had my flu injection last week and my Covid booster yesterday, so am now feeling like a pin cushion. I've heard many reports of the Covid booster giving you quite dramatic side effects resulting in at least 24 hours if not a week in bed with a high temperature and aches and pains. So I was rather apprehensive about it. So far, so good. The only side effect is a very sore arm indeed. However, not only does it ache when I raise my arm but it aches ALL THE TIME, like I have been kicked by a horse. It kept me awake for some of the night, but at least I don't feel ill. and the main advantage is that it will give me some protection against the dreaded viruses doing the rounds.

I also had a very special appointment yesterday to discuss the possibility of having a tooth implant to fill an enormous gap where a molar tooth was extracted a few years ago. Sharp food seems to get right up inside the cavity and hurt when I eat. The prosthodontist was a lovely man and very approachable. He did not try to push the procedure on me, but took copious 3D scans and xrays of my mouth which appeared in 3D like a set of false teeth  floating on the computer screen. The procedure is complicated. First I would need to have a sinus lift as the sinus has sagged down. Once lifted, it would be stitched into place and then the stitches would need removing. My jaw bone has shrunk too, so it would need a bone graft first to increase it (they use cow bone). Then I would have to wait for that to grow in. Then the implant would be drilled in. Another few months wait and then the crown. The cost of £5000 was what I expected, but the procedure would take about 18 months in all. So not a quick fix. There is a second gap too which is less complicated and slightly less expensive but would still require a bone graft. He's asked me to go away and think about it - his suggestion, not mine.  As I say, he is not the sort to pressure me into it. 

Do I?  Don't I?  I hate making decisions. 


JayCee said...

I too have heard reports from my friends of feeling very unwell after their booster jab. I am not sure that I want one now!
The dental implant sounds very "challenging".

crafty cat corner said...

Wow, that dental procedure sound awful, not sure if I would have it done.

Blods said...

No, don't do it x

Flowerpot said...

I've had two implants - not as complicated a procedure as yours - but they have made all the difference. Have a a good think about it and good luck!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Usually I expect such procedures to happen with regard to visible teeth, not molars. Couldn't you just eat soup and blancmange?