22 March 2021

Singing my heart out

Recent articles in the press have suggested that singing is good for you and has helped many people during lockdown to control anxiety as well as being good generally for physical health. Those with long-covid have also benefited as it has helped exercise their lungs and restore their breathing to normal. 

I joined a choir several years ago and have made some good friends in the process. However, with lockdown last March, the choir came to an abrupt stop and ultimately disbanded for good leaving me feeling quite bereft. I found a choir that did zoom sessions online and, although it takes some getting used to, singing on your own to a computer screen, I have found it whiles away a few hours a week, not to mention the earworms that pass through my mind and I keep singing at any time of the day to cheer me up.

The zoom choir has been challenging in all sorts of ways but the most difficult was the production of a virtual choir performance to collect donations for the charity MIND. A professional recording and production company was hired and we were asked to record our videos and voices against a backing track played into our ears on earphones so we could all be synched into one performance. Here is the finished result. I feature somewhere in the sea of faces that appear throughout the production. Spot me if you can - I am definitely there - and, if you can, spare a few pennies.  Mental health has been affected very much by lockdown, so a donation to this worthy charity will help.

Donations to  https://justgiving.com/fundraising/singyourmind


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I find that "Zoom" has impaired my mental health during this pandemic. I could not see you in the sea of faces.

Flowerpot said...

I love singing, too, Addy, but I don't get much from it on zoom but well done you. As I don't know what you look like, you'll be hard to spot! But I'm so glad you're enjoying it and what a worthwhile cause, particularly at the moment.

balanced a.f. said...

My wife and I used to live in Chapel Hill, NC where there was a fantastic group called Pop-up Chorus. I loved our monthly get-togethers where we'd sing two songs each month and post the videos on Youtube. I miss that dearly. I'll have to make do with singing around the house, in the shower, etc.

Polly said...

When my partner died 13 years ago a friend encouraged me to join her singing group. I loved it and it did help, it lifts the soul.