04 July 2016

Interesting times

Well, was the referendum result what you wanted or completely the opposite?  No matter what side you were on, there's no doubt last week was a rocky week. It'll probably get a whole lot worse before it gets better, but then that's the world of politics and finance for you. It does that. It'd be a boring old life if everything stayed the same. Of course, it goes without saying that the financial markets were going to go into meltdown - they are sensitive souls who would panic if Waitrose sold out of taramasalata - so no surprises there and thankfully the pound seems to have picked up again.  There will doubtless be dozens of times when it will fall and rise, as it is wont to do, even when things are running smoothly.

What was more surprising was Cameron's resignation. At first glance it seemed a noble thing to do, falling on his sword.  After all, how could he be expected to negotiate Brexit, when he had been an ardent promoter of REMAIN? But the more I think about it, he has well and truly abandoned ship at a  time when we needed a captain to steer us through choppy waters, considering they are going to get a whole lot choppier after September when he jumps. It's almost as if he did it out of spite with two fingers at the other side. It makes Theresa May's application even more dubious, as she too was on the REMAIN side, so why would she honourably be able to justify becoming PM, if Cameron couldn't justify it?  You can't help feeling sorry for Boris.  Whilst I did not see him filling the role of PM  - the image of him zip-wiring across the Thames, hanging by his scrotum and waving a  Union Jack, is an image too many in my mind - nevertheless, I do not sleep easy at his political assassination by Gove (call me Brutus).  Scotland's Nicola The Fish (aka Jimmy Krankie) has about as much hope of securing an EU deal on her own as I have of running a marathon. What on earth does she think 5.3 million Scots have to offer the EU (apart from diminishing oil reserves, bagpipes and shortbread)? It's not as if they have the monopoly on whisky either. Moreover, how would the Scots (once out of the UK) be able to afford the EU membership? Even more ludicrous is the Labour fiasco. If Labour MPs did not find Corbyn The Clown at all funny, why pick the worst timing possible to air their views? Could they not blatantly see this when he was first appointed? I could.  And now,  what is Corbyn thinking, hanging on by his fingernails to his tenuous chair, when it is clear he's as welcome as a hedgehog in a balloon factory?

May you live in interesting times, as the Chinese say.  (Or did they say that in Brussels last week?)


DD's Diary said...

Some lovely images there, of hedgehogs, union jacks, parts of Boris .... you're right, we have to stay calm, though I'm reminded of the Dad's Army character who runs around shouting 'don't panic!'

Ellen said...

I'm loving the political satire Addy, refreshing and amusing too (just what we all need!)

Ellen said...

I love your political satire Addy, refreshing and amusing, just what we all need now.

Maggie May said...

Dare say it will come out OK in the end but it takes a bit of imagination to see how!
Everyone seemed to abandon ship after Brexit as no one really thought it'd happen or had any plans as to what to do!
It is a bit like a comedy...... yes, Dad's Army does spring to mind (DD's Diary.)
Maggie x