18 March 2013

Here is The News

Felt kinda sad seeing the BBC lunchtime television news today. They were broadcasting for the first time from their super duper new newsroom, which incorporates BBC domestic radio news, BBC domestic TV news and BBC World Service. It now boasts to be the largest newsroom in the world housing 2,500 journalists under one roof with all the latest state of the art technology.

It's been a long time coming. It was first mooted  a good ten years ago when Greg was still working there. He could have been in that newsroom now, if he had opted to do the occasional shift after retirement, as a lot of journalists do. I used to visit him at work in the old World Service newsroom at Bush House (and that was pretty impressive) but this new one looks even more jaw-droppingly amazing, like a  giant satellite, and must be a real Tower of Babel, as all the foreign language services are there in the same room now.

Just another milestone he's missed out on. Along with many more.


Nota Bene said...

It's super impressive...I'm sure he would have loved it

Flowerpot said...

It is a masterpiece of technology isnt it? Perhaps Greg's looking down on it too.

Anonymous said...

It's all new technology and moving with the times, I find it all very complicated but we have to keep up or get left behind I suppose.

CJ x

Eurodog said...

Things have to move on and that's often a good thing. Or is it?