10 September 2011

Bad things come in threes

To the low-life scumbag who stole Kay's purse while she was out at a nightclub on Thursday night, I wish you all the worst that can happen. Not only has Kay had to go through all the rigmarole of cancelling her bank card (thankfully before you could use it) but she has now had to cancel her driving theory test in two days' time which she has been revising for, as she is required to show both parts of her driving licence for the test and you saw fit to steal that as well. (She had only taken it with her as a photo-and-age-ID for the nightclub). Another little problem you have caused is to take her 16-24 rail card and we are going to have the utmost problem convincing the train guard on her return north to uni this week that she genuinely booked the reduced price if we are unable to show the card. Both replacement driving licence and railcard cannot be issued in time for Monday and Thursday respectively. Bastard.


Nota Bene said...

These petty criminals think about the true harm they cause. Hope she keeps her spirits up!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

It is a shame people can not leave other's things alone. The lost of the money in the purse is nothing to the other damage the criminal cursed Kay. I hope you can get things replace and rescheduled.

Anonymous said...

Hi Addy,

The last word summed it up. I hate these scum. They are out there and they are on the net trying to rob people that way. If they knew how it effected people's lives I think in all honesty they would care as they only care about themselves and how to quickly get cash for whatever reasons.

That is a real shame about Kay's driving test. Those things are stressful enough without that happening. I hope when it does come around again she passes.

All the best


Eliza said...

Bloody hell! Thats terrible, I know the stress driving tests can cause. Wish they would keep their sticky fingers to themselves.

Working Mum said...

It just makes me want to scream. They have no idea the trouble their actions cause to the victims. May they get their just rewards.

Spencer Park said...

Scum - it is all they are!

I hope that you get things sorted.

AGuidingLife said...

take the police crime number on the train with the ticket. It's a shame Kay couldn't get around the driving test with a similar way. I wonder how thieves sleep at night. (probably in a drugged stuper) Sigh

Furtheron said...

Low life. You'd rather they just take the cash then hand it back saying - "sorry just saw your purse on the floor"

hyperCRYPTICal said...

They are scum indeed Addy and I hope they rot in hell. They don't realise or care how they mess a persons life up.

Also, when viewing your blog today all the 'tools' are present as are bins to delete comments.

I have checked other Blogger blogs I visit and the fault only appears on yours.

I suppose if I wanted to I (any maybe all other visitors) could really mess your blog up.

Thought you should know.

Love to Kay and I hope the train guard is beleiving.

Anna :o]

Flowerpot said...

How awful, infuriating and sickening. As Pip would say, "shoot teh bastards". It's teh knock-on effect of it all isn't it as well?

Kit Courteney said...

I don't hope they rot in hell.

I hope they suffer fully long before they get to that stage.

May they have eternal diarrhea and run out of toilet paper.

Ellen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellen said...

What a pain that this should happen to Kay again. I hope the replacement cards, etc. come through quickly. The best of luck to Kay returning to Uni - it sounds as if it is going to be a fascinating year - much hard work and lots of real life experiences. Tell Kay to give as good as she gets from her Consultants - she will be respected for it.

PS - that was me who deleted my previous comment - when reading throught it was full of typos;)

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. These people want stringing up, putting in the stocks or whatever. They make me sick. They are pure scumbags and have absolutely no morals.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

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