27 November 2018

One year on

1923- 2017
It's a year since my lovely mum died. The actual anniversary was last week. Kay took time off work, I bundled together my scars from my recent operation and we headed to Eastbourne. Mum used to live there until five years ago, when she was no longer able to live independently and I moved her to a retirement flat closer to me. Her ashes are down in Eastbourne, though, together with Dad's and we wanted to inspect the Book of Remembrance to make sure her entry had been written in it. It seemed strange being back and seeing all her old haunts. We had a look at her old house. The new owners had paved over the front garden lawn to make a car port, put up an ugly fence and had ugly brown blinds at the windows. It doesn't pay to go back to a once loved home, does it?

Kay and I checked into a seafront hotel and made a small holiday of it. Being November, the weather was not great, but one day we managed a long walk along the promenade to the foot of Beachy Head and on other days escaped the rain by doing some Christmas shopping. After my operation, the break was welcome and blew away some cobwebs. But everywhere we went, Mum was always in our thoughts.


Treaders said...

Your mom was a very beautiful lady. She is always with you you know! By the way, I only discovered your blog recently and tried to post previously but somehow it didn't work. I was married to a violent addict - divorced now thankfully - so so much of what you wrote struck a chord with me. Oddly enough, one of the biggest "triggers" you wrote about was how he used to follow me around when drunk to "continue" his arguments. There was no getting away from him. It's really, really hard to live with an alcoholic isn't it - but you were amazing!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

She was a good looking woman. In those pictures I see both intelligence and dignity. No doubt her daughter and grand daughter inherited the same qualities.

Rachel Smith said...

So sorry for your loss...what a lovely way to remember and be together. Hugs.