07 February 2018

Reunited at last

Last Thursday saw Kay and me carrying out my mother's wishes. She and my father were in love all their married life and joined at the hip, so, when my father died in 2001, my mother was hopelessly lost without him. Not a day went by since, when she didn't yearn for him to be still alive and with her. I promised her that, when the time came, her ashes would lie alongside his. Last week, Kay and I took my mother's ashes down to the crematorium on the south coast and did just that. It was emotional to see the very last remains of my mother go, but at the same time uplifting that she and my father were at last reunited after seventeen years to the very day since my father died.

While we were down on the south coast, Kay and I took the opportunity to have a few days' break - a much needed one for me, as the last six months had been horrendous and unrelenting. We booked into a lovely hotel on the seafront. Our room had two balconies and had views of the pier in one direction and Beachy Head in the other. 

On our second day there, Beachy Head beckoned and we walked six miles in blustery icy wind up and down the undulating chalk hills,

past the Belle Tout lighthouse which was moved 56 yards some years ago as it was too close to the edge of the cliff. It won't be long before it is too close to the eroding cliff again.

Just to the centre right of the last picture you can see a grey-roof building at Birling Gap, just before the start of the Seven Sisters,  where we stopped for a welcoming cheese scone and hot chocolate, before walking back the way we had come.  When we got back to the hotel, Kay's face was sore with windburn and I couldn't feel my hands, but I think it did us good to blow away some cobwebs.

The next day the rain was non-stop, so we dived into the shopping precinct and had a shopathon. Far too much was spent on things we didn't really need but had to have! The evenings were spent trying out the local authentic Italian and Thai restaurants. It was just what I needed. We made one last stop on the fourth day to say a wistful goodbye to my mother (and father) again, before heading back to London.

I'm now back to clearing my mother's flat again and trying to find a home for it all - be it with charity shops or in my house. I think I already need another holiday...........



JacquiL said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your mum, but glad that she and your dad are reunited again. There is an alternative to charity shops with Freegle, which is an online reuse community. It is free to join and use and they have groups all over the place : http://www.ilovefreegle.org - hope that's helpful. Best wishes Addy.

Linda deV said...

I'm so glad the two of you were able to have that time and keep a promise.

I'd like to think that your parents are together right now, reunited finally.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That was a lovely wintertime break and a meaningful way to Let your mother's ashes go. Another step forward.

afterthefire1964 said...

Lovely looking spot! Glad to see that all is well; I need to do an update on my blog too.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely post and I do like the photos as they really bring your story to life ...especially if, like me, you have never visited the area.

K Ville said...

Lovely to combine a sad with happy, helps the memories settle to something ok to think about as years go by.

Looks like a nice area, and lucky to get a decent day for walking.

Still thinking about you.