12 February 2016

NHS = Not His to Sell

Just wanted to share the following comment written by a young doctor on facebook.

You've got a job that cost you £60,000 and 6 years of your life to train for. You're on a wage which, including all the extra hours you work for free, is barely minimum wage. Your daily work consists of trying to keep people alive and caring for people and their families that you can't do that for.
Your boss comes in and says he wants you to work longer hours, more on evenings and weekends. And he wants to cut your pay by 30% and nobody else will employ you to do your job because nobody else can. He tells you that you don't work hard enough. He shows you a graph he says shows evidence that people are dying more at the weekend but he's holding it upside down and clearly has no idea how to interpret it. He tells you to sign the new contract or leave. He tells all your friends that your lying about how hard you work, how much money you will earn and how much "better" your contract will be.
You don't want to leave and he knows you don't want to leave so he thinks he can do what he wants.
But ultimately you will leave and so will everyone else who works at the job because it's not a safe or humane job any more, allowing him to dissolve the company and sell it off to the highest bidder.
He's even written a book detailing his entire master plan. 

Don't let him kill the NHS.


nappy valley girl said...

I agree with all of that!
Hunt should go, he's a disgrace and has handled this so badly. To have antagonised a group of hardworking, intelligent people to this extent is appalling. His legacy may be a critically injured NHS (but maybe that's what they wanted in the first place).

Place to stand... said...

I read a very similar piece on twitter - a junior doctor responsible in Birmingham for 100 people overnight - one with a brain bleed, many very very ill and whatever accidents appear.

He was on a 70 hour week paid for 48 and had been 'told' he was going to have to take whatever was coming.

I was given my degree by Joe Grimond - with all respect the NHS wasn't intended for people to live to a ripe old age, have babies ( most were home births ) deal with ongoing conditions e.g. diabetes which are now medically managed and the multitude of other things we ask of it today.

Sorry but it's not rocket science ..I have had two family members looked after this year - both very serious cancer and one heavy duty heart op - both the inpatient treatment care has been impeccable and the after / follow up care.

Hunt - you have picked the WRONG BATTLE

Maggie May said...

I agree wholeheartedly. It's a disgrace to expect these doctors to work longer.
I've found the treatment in NHS is excellent but the follow up very poor. Weekends in Hospital (from the last years experience of hanging around on wards) is probably dangerous for totally dependant people who aren't on high risk wards. I don't know what Harry would have done without me spending so much time there and its scary to think of the many who have no one to look out for them.
Something needs to be done but it doesn't seem as though there's going to be a solution any time soon.
Maggie x

Flowerpot said...

I agree too - I think this whole palaver is just terrible and Hunt should have gone a long time ago. I just nope it can be resolved quickly - and sensibly.

auntiegwen said...

It's really scary, the NHS is irreplaceable