12 January 2016

Home Sweet Home

Today I got quite a big shock. The 12th January is the date Greg and I moved into our house.................in 1988. When I worked it out I've been here 28 years. Twenty-eight! That's more than a third of the average lifetime and more than a quarter of the longest lifetime. I'm a creature of habit, love the familiar and hate surprises, but even I was shocked at how part of me this house has become. If ever I should decide to move from here, (not that I have any plans to at present), it will be like tearing a limb off. I can still recall  in detail the very first day we moved in. This and so many happy memories of Greg and I as young-marrieds, of getting pregnant, planting the garden and gradually putting our stamp on the house. Some bad memories too of when Greg took to the amber liquid and  threw his life on the scrapheap. But thankfully the good more than outweigh the bad. There have been some fantastic neighbours over the years (and there are still). Twenty-eight years, eh? It just doesn't seem possible.


K Ville said...

Happy House Anniversary!

Time flies doesn't it but every knot in the wood seems to spark a memory and as you say, most will turn the face to a light smile.

Do you know you reminded me of 'To Any Reader' by Robert Louis Stevenson, went and had a read, another light smile to be had.

Graham Hunt said...

That's made me think... er.. 14 Feb 1992 biggest Valentine's gift I ever bought her ;-)...

So that's 24 years next month. My son was an 18 month toddler, my daughter not even thought about... I remember the lashing rain, the sitting with fish n chips from paper as we couldn't remember what box anything was in... etc.

Trisha E. said...

Once again my life parallels yours so closely Addy! We moved to this house in July 1988 so it has been almost the same amount of time I've lived here. My daughter was 2 years old at the time. She is now finishing veterinary school in Texas, working long hours like Kay to become competent in her profession.
I have also had water damage to my roof recently, as well as a water spout or tornado (previously unheard of here) that came off the Great Lakes in August of this year and knocked down 5-6 huge trees on either side of our home without hurting us or the house. My husband died of alcoholism on March 10, 2014. We had many wonderful years as a family before the disease crept up on him around 1998, exploring the shores of our beautiful bay on the Great Lakes. It is so true that every small item in the home becomes a reminder of events big and small that are precious memories.