These are just some of the main symptoms to expect in someone who is an alcoholic. The ultimate conclusion of these symptoms is a very nasty death.

Brain: shrinkage, causing general motor and sensory impairment; anxiety; depression; neuroses; phobias; hallucinations; dementia.

Oesophagus: oesophageal varices occur as a result of increased pressure of the portal veins, causing localised varicose veins in the throat. These may rupture, resulting in an often fatal haemorrhage.

Liver: becomes enlarged with fat deposits and may be inflamed causing alcoholic hepatitis.

Reproductive area: in men, impotence; shrinkage of the testicles, loss of male sexual characteristics and possible feminisation in the development of breast tissue.

Mouth: increase risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and oesophagus.

Lungs: Reduced resistence to lung infections, colds, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Heart: Fat is deposited in the heart muscle, impairing its function and precipitating heart attack.

Stomach: chronic gastritis; ulcers; vomiting; diarhoea; malnutrition; gastric bleeding.

Intestines: inflammation of the intestine wall inhibits absorption of vitamins and iron causing vitamin deficiency and anaemia; varices (varicose veins) which can rupture causing fatal haemorrhage. Lack of bowel control.

Hands: Tremulous hands; tingling numbness; loss of sensation in the fingers.

Toes: Numbness and tingling in the toes.

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