08 July 2019

Under arrest

Image result for cartoon being arrested

If you don't hear from me for a while, it is because I've been locked up in Holloway Prison. No joking! 

I've just had yet another one of those phone calls supposedly from Her Majesty's Tax Office, informing me that I am being charged with fraud for non-payment of taxes. I was then told by a very posh voice to press 1 to speak to an adviser. If I didn't, the voice told me in no pleasant tone that I shall be arrested shortly. To which I shouted down the phone "Oh good, I look forward to seeing you".

Over the last year or so, I have had quite a few of these scam calls on the main landline phone, but today was a first, because the call came into my mobile/cell/handy phone and had the additional threat of arrest. I wonder how many people fall into the trap or how many little old men or women have a heart attack with the shock.  It must pay off. I suppose if one in a thousand hand over their money, the scammer gets a result. 


Linda said...

It infuriates me how clever they are and how, clearly, their target are the elderly.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What are the powers that be doing to clamp down on these vile people? Surely, if we can invent the internet, put men on the moon and create an international network for air travellers we can put a stop to these greedy parasites who have abused phone systems for years now. Where there is a will there's a way but so far the evidence is that government and Ofcom are not all that bothered. They yawn and allow the scamming to continue.