04 June 2018

Kew Gardens

I had to meet some American friends at their hotel in Kew on Friday, as they were in London on a whistle-stop tour doing some research at the nearby National Archives for a book they are writing.  As I wasn't meeting them until 7pm, I decided I'd get over there a bit earlier (five hours earlier to be precise) and have a look at Kew Gardens. Such a long time since I was last there.... I think I may have even been under ten years old!

The weather  was changeable. The internet forecasts kept changing from being dry and sunny to rain. It was touch and go whether I'd do it at all, until the very last minute when the forecast changed yet again and showed it would be dry.

Mind you, when I got there, you'd have been forgiven for thinking it might rain. But thankfully it didn't. There aren't many places to shelter, if it does, and most of the 326 acres is open to the elements.

The newly refurbished Temperate House was magnificent.

Inside as well as outside.

The Giant Pagoda and the Japanese Gateway installed calm in me.

At one stage I found the lake and sat down for a rest. 

I made a friend. It came out of the water and started pecking the ground near my feet. It had very big feet. Almost as big as mine!

After a short stay I wandered over to the Palm House.

It was very hot and humid in there.

Then on to the Bee Hive, commissioned by the UK for the Milan EXPO 2015, which gives an insight into a bee colony.

Then another rest by another lake,


  before it was time to meet my American friends nearby.


Linda deV said...

Ahhhh! Love it. Beautiful gardens and that bee colony piece....incredible.

Flowerpot said...

That looks amazing, Addy. It's many many years since I've been there - I will certainly go if ever I'm up that way.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thank you for this advertisement for Kew Gardens ADDY. How big was your cheque? I am surprised that you didn't come up with a slogan. Perhaps - "Kew Gardens - really nice if you fancy a rest!"