12 June 2017


I haven't blogged for a while and, whilst wanting to keep up the momentum, I've run out of steam. I'm a bit flat, so to speak. First of all, the election result has made depressing news, whatever party you voted for. Nobody really won, did they? And now we are left with a government in tatters, when 10 weeks ago, things were more or less, er, strong and stable.  So many things to fix - Brexit and terrorism to name the two biggest problems facing us at the moment - and a weak government on the one hand and an excitable mob on the other. God knows how far we have sunk in the rest of the world's eyes.

It's funny how when the Leavers won Brexit, the Remainers said it was the wrong result and wanted another referendum. Now the Conservatives have the biggest number of votes compared to any of the others and Corbyn is demanding the PM's job.  I stand by the rules of democracy.  You win some. You lose some. I'm just sick of all the back-biting, name-calling, witch-hunting and wish we could go back to good old-fashioned politics where gentlemen (and by that I mean polite people, not gentry) discussed our state of affairs. I'm currently hooked on Channel 4's The Handmaid's Tale which is a realistic but scary look into the near future. Let's hope it remains fiction and doesn't come true.

Added to that, I have had a throbbing tooth all weekend, which has been driving me crazy.  I hope the dentist is about to fix at least that problem for me. So it's onwards and upwards from now on, I hope, and an upcoming family wedding in a few days to lift my spirits.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes, Mother Theresa really screwed up didn't she? There was no need for an election. She miscalculated badly. She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights mumbling about fields of wheat, boys' jobs and girls' jobs and how "strong and stable" she was. About as strong and stable as my old rickety step ladders. She might have made a good bank manager but not the leader of this great country. She has to go... but who will replace her? The Awful Perverted School Ma'am - Amber Rudd or the oafish egomaniac B.Johnson? Ahead of these bloody Brexit negotiations it is all a horrible mess.

Maggie May said...

I also felt I'd run out of steam as regards blogging.
Yes...... the election is depressing especially as Brexit has to be dealt with by somebody (hopefully strong and stable in a different way from TM!)
We seem to be strongly Labour in Bristol. I felt Corbyn was a better man and more empathetic towards people's needs.
Anything could happen now. We must be the laughing stock abroad.
Maggie x

Shadow said...

Aaaaah, you need a sunny day in nature with an ice cream, I'm sure your spirit will lift soon.....