14 March 2017

Making savings

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At the end of this month the new 12-sided bimetallic £1 coin makes its premiere appearance. The current pound coin was too easy to counterfeit apparently. Apart from being made of two metals and having many sides, the new one will have, among other things, milled or smooth edges on alternate sides and an image like a hologram that changes from a "£" symbol to the number "1" when the coin is seen from different angles.

You are advised to search deep into your sofa cushions, piggy banks, coat pockets, tooth fairy stashes, car compartments and anywhere else where you might horde coins, as the old pound coin will cease to be legal tender after 15 October.  You might be surprised just how much money you could be throwing away, if you don't.  Foreign tourists might also take note and trade them in at their local banks, as they probably still have the odd pound coins lurking in the midst of their travel paraphernalia in the hopes of returning to Britain one day.  I know I still have a motley collection of ancient US dollars, Italian Lira,  East German Marks, Yugoslavian Dinar and goodness knows what else which are now probably worthless. I doubt even as a collector they would be worth that much

Talking of throwing away money, I have just (sickeningly) discovered how much money I could have been throwing away over the last ten years .... enough to buy a new car or an extremely luxurious round-the-world  holiday. Yes, sickening. It would seem I have been paying something like £500 over the odds each year by not having a water meter. I have just been signing over £750 per year to the local Water Board without questioning it. Last week, a newspaper article highlighted the savings to be made by having a water meter and gave a link to check whether a meter could save you money. Living as I do now on my own, I did wonder, so I went online and even with gross exaggeration* of how many showers (14) I could possible take in a week and how many times I used the washing machine (10), flushed the toilet per day (20) or hosed the garden, I still could make savings of about £500 per year. 

*I stress these are gross exaggerations - whoever has 14 showers in a week and flushes the toilet 20 times a day should surely have some serious hygiene and bladder problems!

Image result for water meter thames water I do recall at some murky point in the distant past that the water companies were offering water meters to their customers, but at the time, there were three of us living in the house, hubby was in the throes of his alcoholic meltdown, daughter was a teenager showering a lot and the dog was getting senile and weeing in his bedding every night which meant the washing machine was on at least once if not twice a day. My eye was taken off the ball. I suppose in my cynical frame of mind, I also discounted it as an advertising hype that would no doubt benefit the water companies more than the customers so I ignored it. More fool me. My total idiocy has been rectified: a surveyor came last week to decide where the meter should be located and it will be installed in the next few weeks. 

I feel a luxury holiday coming on......


Valerie said...

I read this with interest since I am mulling over the idea of having a water meter installed. I have also received a letter warning me of possible costs if there is a water problem in the area. The letter was addressed to the householder and pushed through the door which prompted me to investigate. Judging by past bills I don't seem to be covered for floods and the like. Oooh I hate having to deal with things I don't understand.

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

We have a meter and with 4 of us in the house I wish I didn't. However I do get a fair contribution from the other 3 nowadays.

Flowerpot said...

I've had a water meter for years and it does make a difference, but it depends on the size of the property you live in. in some instances it's not worth it! Good tip about the £1 coins, thanks for that.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You feel a luxury coming on...you mean like a Cadbury's "Flake"?

Shadow said...

First came the electricity meters, now the water meters. Of course they annoyed me at first but they're great to monitor where the 'leaks' are....

Maggie May said...

I can't wait for the new Pound coins to come in.
Not sure what to think of the new £5 notes as they don't stay folded up and spring out of the place you put them unless they're put in flat.
Haven't got a water meter.
Also don't like the idea of *smart* meters. (Gas & Electricity)
Maybe I'm old fashioned. With the water meter..... who would have to pay if there was a leak on your property while you were on holiday, say?
Maggie x