01 January 2017

Happy New Year

Well, I can't say I am sorry to see the back of 2016. It was a horrible year personally with major surgery and not so good for others either. The list of celebrity deaths in my newspaper was amazingly long. Big household names went one after another. The Syrian war scaled new depths and showed man's inhumanity to man. Brexit and the American elections turned everything on its head and made the unthinkable became possible. The year ended with a trip to A&E with my mother to sort out a swollen and very painful leg which masqueraded as DVT. Thankfully it turned out to be no more than cellulitis.

I have just returned home having spent the New Year with dear friends in Brighton.  We ate loads and drank loads and welcomed in the New Year with gusto. Good riddance to 2016 and hopes for better health and luck in 2017. That goes for you all.


Valerie said...

Happy New Year to you. I too am pleased 2016 has gone, it was the year my husband died, way back in January. Peace and love to everyone.

John said...

I agree, 2016 sucked big time for all the reasons you listed. Hope 2017 is good for you and the rest of the world. We can but hope. Happy new year.

Flowerpot said...

Well said Addy!