07 December 2016

All organised

Well, I'm thoroughly organised for Christmas this year, but it is not without some panic effort by Mrs Alcoholic Daze. I've bought all the presents (bar one on which I'm still awaiting daughter's advice as to which curling tongs exactly she prefers. Hint - hurry up and let me know, as we only have another 18 days to go!!). I've posted all the Christmas cards (and boy did the postage come to a small fortune. I'm hoping I misheard and am actually buying shares in Royal Mail instead). I've cooked  and frozen the red cabbage (to my German grandmother's recipe which knocks spots off anything the English restaurants try to do with it). I'm now awaiting the arrival of my sister-in-law who is coming down to stay with me for a few days to swap presents from her family to mine and vice versa. The larder store is full. Just one last-minute shop of the fresh things and I'm done. Annoying, aren't I? 

Oh wait a minute, I've still got the Christmas tree and decorations to do. Not so perfect after all.


Valerie said...

I am in awe. As yet all I have done is write Christmas cards but they still haven't been posted. As this is the first Christmas without hubby I'm feeling a bit lazy about it all and I am certainly not putting up the tree.

Flowerpot said...

My goodness Addy you are organised! I haven't even bought a Xmas card yet!

John said...

Love the comment about red cabbage! My mum was German and her recipe is fantastic also. So the Germans did give us more than just the Volkswagen and good beer.

Graham Hunt said...

I hope you have a terrific Christmas Addy.

We've massively cut back on send Christmas cards this year. The postage is a chunk of money and the cards themselves, for people to read once, place on the mantelpiece and then put in the bin/recycling come first week of January.

So as a family we paid for four places at Crisis for Christmas instead and put out a message on social media saying that.

K Ville said...

I have a pile of cards written but undelivered, presents still being bought online and wondering if they will arrive before and haven't even considered the food shopping yet. McDonalds anyone?!