15 June 2016

Nobody else really knows

I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick to the back teeth with the arguments for and against leaving the EU. I've tried my best to tune in to every TV debate, read newspaper articles and listen to friends, family and complete strangers arguing their case. The more I hear, the more I realise that NOBODY has the absolute answer. NOBODY has the foggiest what will happen either way and both sides are using scare tactics and differing statistics to force their arguments. If you believe the REMAIN camp, the sky will fall in and we will have a plague of locusts descend on us, if we leave. We will cease to trade, live on the streets in the wake of a holocaust and be Billy-no-mates. We'll be too stupid and incompetent to rise from the ashes. If you believe the LEAVE camp, we will, if we leave, apparently gain back control of our own country, as is the case in the rest of the non-EU world. If we stay we will become a federal state of Europe and pay vast sums of money to the EU, overrun with migrants draining our services . (Funny how things in that last sentence are actually already happening.)   

You pays your money and you takes your choice. In reality we actually don't know precisely what will happen either way. I do know the EU is holding back some drastic changes until our referendum is over for fear it'll make us all vote LEAVE, so what does that tell us? I also hear some other EU countries are watching what we decide before they launch their own get-out referenda. 

I know what I'm voting and that is what common sense tells me. Let's face it, nobody else really knows for certain. Roll the dice and roll on 24 June when it'll all be over bar the shouting and the swingometers.


Maggie May said...

I feel the same as you. I've read it all and listened and reasoned but I'm still not having my questions answered and nether side can say what will happen if either of the Leave or Remain gang get in, long term.
Fed up of it..... fearing something is brewing in Europe but worried about coming out! Help!
Maggie x

Rab said...

I totally agree Addy. It reminds me very much of the Scottish referendum in that the emphasis seems to be on the negative of the opposing argument rather than giving reasons to vote in favour of either camp. Another similarity is that if the choice is to leave then there is no turning back. If it it turns out to be the wrong decision then there is no going back. But its not enough this time to make me say 100% I want us to remain in. I still don't know how I will vote but I cannot help thinking as an island our needs are very different from mainland Europe and as such we should be self governed. I'd hate to think changes follow that we have to accept and implement even if none of us want it- health service, armed services and anything else for that matter.

For now I wish they would add a third option to the ballot paper: postpone for a period of time. Like you said no one knows and such a historic vote really should not be made when the vast majority of being voting really do not know what the consequences of their vote will lead too. Scary actually.