04 September 2015

Rain, rain, go away!

Well, September's here, the kids are back at school and the shops are getting ready for the usual Christmas retail madness. So that was summer! Did I blink and miss it? It's been a strange one this year. For nigh on 20 years, I have been conditioned to the usual six-week school summer holidays (starting late July and ending beginning of September) and then latterly uni summer holidays, but this year was so different.  Kay's final days at uni were in early June, she then went on an inter-rail tour of Europe and started work at the end of July, just as schools were breaking up, so the summer was already over by then for us. The last 6 weeks since seem to me to have gone slowly.  It would have helped if the weather had been more, well, summery. It seems to me that  August has been cold, wet, wet, cold and wet with a lot more wet thrown in for good measure. And here we are at the start of autumn with more wet and cold stretching into the distance.

I live in a small private cul-de-sac development where we pay in so much every month to a communal kitty used for issues such as the communal garden or road and this includes having our houses painted externally every five years or so. This year was the year to have it done. The committee made up of volunteers in our road appointed a painting firm to start at the end of July. When the painters first approached me in late July, I was unable to let them start on my house, as I was away a lot at that time, so there would have been no way to leave windows and doors open for the paint to dry.  Instead they started on my house in mid-August. Every time they painted the top-coat (with dark grey clouds swirling overhead), it not only rained a few hours later but really bucketed down. The paint bubbled up. They had to sand down the next day and start again.... and again.... and again. I have no control over the painters really as I do not pay them and I do not employ them, but any pleas to leave it to a drier day fell on deaf ears.They were back again yesterday to do yet another remedial repair on the mess that now looks like my front door! Two hours later the heavens opened and stayed open.  That was not the only thing open........my front door had to remain open for at least 6 hours for the paint to dry. I closed it finally at 10pm last night. The snails climbing up the doorpost were most annoyed, as I think even they were fed up with the rain and wanted to come in to say hello. This morning I needed a ten-ton truck to pull open the front door - it had swelled and stuck to the frame. 

I could be marooned for some time!


aims said...

Oh Addy!! I can relate to what you are saying!!!

This has been a summer for painting for me. I've been doing it myself - on the outside of the barn and all of the surrounding fence. However, with the barn being so tall I feared for my life when I started on the third floor level. I finally found someone who is doing the final bits for me and I'm ever so grateful - and poorer at the end of it.

We've had a very nice summer - finally. Hot - warm - not a lot of rain - in fact too little rain. But it's now gone and we are definitely feeling the winter coming on. In fact it's already snowed twice in Calgary - and hour's drive south of me.

Have been thinking of you a lot lately and was reading Maggie May's blog and others this evening and came across you. And me. I think it's time to write a few posts on my end. Perhaps in the morning instead of after 3am?

My question for you - are they painting the inside or the outside? I'm thinking the inside as you said they couldn't paint without you being home. Hmmmmm.....

ADDY said...

Hi aims. I've emailed you.