28 July 2015

Too much excitement

I don't get out much. I'm a very stay-at-home kind of girl usually. I like my home comforts, my own four walls and am easy to please - a chocolate biscuit in front of the telly and I'm anybody's (well almost). But this last month has been busy with a capital B.  First of all a few days in York with Kay, then almost a full week in Rome and then a few days up in North England for Kay's graduation as a doctor. The poor cat thinks I've left home permanently and superglues herself to me when I return to show her undying love in case her lack of emotion is the reason I have left.

Kay's graduation was lovely, although it nearly wasn't. We checked into a hotel in the busy part of town, mainly because I wanted to be close to shops and restaurants at times when Kay was off with her friends. However the room was noisy with the window open (which we needed to open on account of the muggy but overcast  weather). When we went to bed on the eve of the graduation, Kay donned earplugs to drown out the noise of buses, cars and passing drunks at all hours of the night.  The pillows were like bricks and we tossed and turned all night. Next morning(the day of the graduation) she shook me awake with the news that she had awoken hot and agitated from lack of sleep, tried to remove her earplugs with difficulty and had managed to get one stuck in her ear. In trying further to remove it, she had heard a pop, followed by a rushing of liquid and had gone deaf. In her own self-diagnosis - she had perforated her eardrum! We were both on our feet in an instant and by 6.15am sitting in the local hospital's Accident & Emergency department. Thankfully it was the tail end (and quiet end) of the night shift and we were seen pretty quickly. Kay's diagnosis was confirmed by the doctor. It might clear up by itself or need some help with a minor operation, he said. GREAT. He was about to conjure up the ENT specialist when we said we were from London, only up for Kay's graduation in a few hours and could we get it done back in London? He agreed and suggested we see our GP once home to get the ball rolling.

We rushed back to the hotel, got changed and met Greg's sister who had come up from Lincolnshire. We had invited her as Greg was conspicuous by his absence on such a milestone day and in the circumstances we wanted his sister there in his place. (It was bittersweet that this was yet another milestone Greg has missed out on and sad for us too not having him by our side in the family photos!) By 2pm we were sitting in the Great Hall watching the ceremony like a scene from Harry Potter. The students were called up one by one to receive their diplomas and then had to quote the Hippocratic Oath. Shortly thereafter we adjourned  for champagne and nibbles.  On getting back to the hotel at 6pm, Kay lay down for a few minutes  on her bad ear and was shortly surprised to see a small plug of blood on her pillow. She sat up and COULD HEAR CLEARLY for the first time all day. We were able to go out for a lovely celebratory meal in the evening feeling far less anxious and able to enjoy it. To cut a long story short, our GP in London was able to confirm that the eardrum seems to be healing nicely and there is probably no long-term damage or need for an operation.

Kay departs today for her first hospital job. Shortly I am off to a wedding in Hull, but I can do without all this excitement, I can tell you.  I'm looking forward to a nice chocolate biscuit in front of the telly to recover!


Flowerpot said...

Goodness no wonder you're exhausted! Sounds like a very busy and exciting time but glad Kay's ear's OK now - what a relief! Enjoy those chocolate biscuits!

K Ville said...

At least she did it before all the new doctors take up their posts after graduation and she got to see somebody experienced!! (Just kidding!)

Now things have calmed down and the summer weather is here (!) you can put your feet up (in front of the fire.)

Nice to be busy and get out and about but nicer to be home with lovely memories (and healing ears)

nuttycow said...

Well done on Kay graduating! I can't believe she's now a full blown doctor. You must be so proud.

Here's to a rest day soon!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Congratulations to Kay on her graduation - how proud you must have felt Addie. Glad her ear is healing and good luck to her for her first job.

I'm a bit like you re the telly and chocolate biscuits but have to say you are lucky that your cat will talk to you when yoou return home. My daughter's go off in a huff and ignore her for a while, (mine used to do the same)haha. xx

Nota Bene said...

Oh my word...what a challenging day! Anyway, big congratulations to Kay, and good luck to her. And congratulations to you too for your success in helping Kay on her way in life.

Michele Martin said...

My Goodness! I'm glad she's healing well. You have a great blog, btw.

Rab said...

That is a shame that such a thing happened on Kay's graduation day and I hope the damage is very much short term and it did not interfere too badly with her day. Its a fantastic achievement. I hope you will very soon get back to a chocolate biscuit and TV and can reflect back with pride.

I also just mean to say I enjoyed looking at your photos from Rome. My daughter is not long back from Lake Garda with her aunt and her aunt was saying the same thing about the heat in July.

All the best


Pam (Isabelle) said...

Well gosh. Yes. You need to sit still for a while. I recommend a Kit Kat.