07 April 2015


What a glorious weekend on all counts. 

First because Kay was home for a few days and I could spoil her. On our first evening together we ended up in one of the many local bars to celebrate her last day of hospital placement EVER as a student. If I wasn't deaf beforehand, I certainly am now. The music they were playing was so loud, my head felt as if it had been inside a spin-dryer. Even the 20-somethings were having difficulty holding a conversation and most were engaged in shouting closely into one another's ears. Fortunately this bar was not serving the cocktails Kay fancied, so we left for another relatively quieter bar, where the only noise was from a group of young men trying to stay upright. The rest of the weekend was spent shopping till we dropped to find a special pair of shoes for an upcoming ball and we had a lovely family roast lunch on Easter Sunday. Sadly Kay had to be back in the North by Sunday evening, so the time just whizzed by.

The weather put on a glorious show and it felt warm and balmy in the sunshine. We even managed  to sit in the garden. Roll on summer.


K Ville said...

sounds perfect

Working Mum said...

Last hospital placement! I thought she'd just passed her A Levels last year. How time flies! And how proud you must be.

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

Hi it sounds a lot like my Easter. An opportunity to feed the visiting offspring and also parent in my case. I'm far too old for loud bars. Cocktail time for me would be anything up to 8 pm. I really don't want to spend time shouting and queuing for drinks.

Flowerpot said...

It's been fabulous, hasn't it? So glad you had some quality time with kay!