19 August 2014

Happy Again

I worry when Kay's out of physical reach, so I cannot scoop her up and comfort her in trouble. When she was mugged a couple of weeks ago in Tanzania, I could hear it in her skyped voice and written online comments that she was rattled and a bit nervous of going out. I have been counting the days to her return - sadly still another month away from now. But two little words and the following photo on a networking site have calmed my fears a little. She's happy again.

zebra crossing


Nota Bene said...

Hurrah. Now all we want is a pelican crossing...

elegancemaison said...

Dear Addy, I have been there with my daughters. Our younger daughter in Uganda had to pay bribes to cross a border after having spent months teaching French in an open air classroom which took her a 45 minutes walk each way, every day. Not to mention the ('Christian')child abuse she encountered. The only parcels we sent that failed to arrive (stolen) were addressed to the five star hotel in Kampala when we treated her to a Christmas break.

Later, our elder daughter's passport was stolen in Bangkok on her trip to SE Asia, forcing her to stay there for another week and missing her flight back to Australia. But kudos to the British Consulate for immediate assistance.

We are parents, we worry. But we have to let them go. But how I feel for you Addy.xx