26 September 2013

In the nick of time

I swear I've got another few grey hairs overnight.   Selling my mother's house and buying her a retirement flat near to me was in theory easy peasy with only three of us in the chain (a cash buyer, us and a lady going into a home), but even so, it has taken since early July when offers were made until today when contracts were finally exchanged. Only in the nick of time, mind.  I won't bore you with the details about how the cash buyer turned out to be in reality a mortgage-buyer and the inevitable wait for surveys and reports to be done, shortfalls of money offered and solicitors working at snail's pace etc. 

Mum's buyer (MH) was off to the USA for a long-planned month's holiday this afternoon which meant if the contracts did not get exchanged today, it would be another month before we could do so. The vendor of the flat was getting impatient and threatening, if contracts were not exchanged by today, to pull out and sell to someone else (not that they had someone else in the frame). So with us in the middle being squeezed and dictated to by both sides, there was a lot of histrionics and nail-biting over the last few weeks trying to chivvy surveyors and solicitors to extract their digits and earn the fortune we are paying them. Contracts were exchanged at 1044 hours this morning and MH left for Heathrow at 1200 hours. Just an hour's difference between elation and utter despair.

We've got a month to sort out the removals and a million other things connected with it, but for now I'm just off to pour a glass of wine and find the hair dye.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Can understand the grey hairs - buying and selling houses is a nightmare.

Why do solicitors work at a snails pace...? (Not so slow when wanting their bill paid.)

Enjoy your wine!

Anna :o]

Elizabeth said...

Your mum is very lucky to have you!

Nota Bene said...

Well done you...why is the English system so stressful...there must be a better way!

Flowerpot said...

Phew - you are a wonderful daughter! Take care and enjoy that well earned glass of wine!

DD's Diary said...

Hope it's all going as smoothly as possible with the sale x

Hippo said...

Goodness, that sounds so complicated!

I have sold two houses in Angola. In each case the buyer dumped the cash on the dining room table, I counted it and then signed the Cumprimisso de Venda, the Promise to Sell and then we moved out. I then handed the buyer the keys and signed the Cumpra e Venda, the Buy and Sell document. Both documents have to be notarized by a Notario Publico and this costs about fifty bucks each. The buyer then has to pay to get the entry in the land registry changed which entails a bit of running around and a few hundred bucks.