22 July 2013

Dying for a drink

It was so sad to read that Paul Gascoigne is back on the drink again so soon after his recent rehab in the USA. With rehab, there is always the hope that this is going to be the one miracle cure that works to stop the alcoholic drinking ever again. I'm not entirely sure what the exact statistics are, but I read somewhere that only one in ten alcoholics ever kick the habit completely. It looks like Paul is going to be one of those other statistics - the number of liver failure deaths - along with the likes of George Best, my Greg and countless others.

Another shocking story this weekend was of the Alsatian who had to be carried out of a car, having been left in the searing heat for an hour. When will the dumbhead owners finally understand? YOU CANNOT LEAVE AN ANIMAL OR CHILD IN A CAR IN THE SUN OR EVEN IN CLOUD IN HIGH TEMPEATURES FOR EVEN FIVE MINUTES LET ALONE AN HOUR. You know what it is like to return to a car that has been left in the sun for a while to know how hot it can get. To leave a child or dog in there for over an hour is unforgivable and totally beyond my comprehension.


Furtheron said...

I think some rehabs claim up to 40% but some only check up to 3 months after discharge.

Your 10% figure seems about right to me sadly. For some the difficulty of living without to booze seems too much. Glad I'm sober today and I pray that'll continue.

Nota Bene said...

I too fear that Paul Gascoigne will be one of the 90%...such a shame to see that happening...what a waste of a talent and human life. People can be so stupid when it comes to leaving animals in cars...hope the alsatian recovers and the owners are prosecuted...really there should be pet-owner lessons before they are given a dog licence

K Ville said...

I watched Paul Gascoigne on Piers Morgan. He was very coherent but totally unconvincing. I couldn't work out whether he was trying to fool everyone or if he really believed what he was saying himself. I want to shake the alcoholic and yell just stop it,why do you keep on doing it over and over. Just stop. But we both know it doesn't work like that.

Ann Cordner said...

As we both know Addy, alcoholism is cunning, baffling and powerful. Not a weakness, an illness. I just thanked my lucky stars that my husband was able to stop drinking through the help of AA and had 34 sober years before he died. I was fortunate enough not to have this dreadful compulsion. There but for the grace of God!

Flowerpot said...

I know I read about those incidents. Being a dog owner myself, it makes me so angry,like you, to read about that poor Alsatian.

Hippo said...

I am uncomfortable looking at pictures of Paul Gascoigne as I fear I am looking into a mirror.

To K Ville I would say that if I believed it truly would help, I would allow her to go further than just shaking me and yelling, instead hanging me by my ankles from a beam and beating me to within an inch of my life with a length of rubber hose.

Has anyone heard of Nalmefene?


I live in Africa and have tried friends in Germany, UK and Dubai but no one seems to be able to find a source of the drug for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Addy, I've heard that statistic about 1 in 10 here in Australia too. Who knows why some make it and some don't? I really wish I *did* know the answer to that question. I've been trying to get sober since December 2006 and have never been able to get more than just over six months up. I'm currently at 4 1/2 months this time, and hoping and praying that it will stick.

i wish there was something more we could do for those 90%, but I can't see that there is. It's got to be a personal decision as we all know, and it's a very hard one to make and stick to.