16 July 2013

Always something there to remind me

Last week was our wedding anniversary. It would have been our 37th. We married in that other heatwave year of 1976. I often wonder how much longer I am going to be looking backwards rather than forwards every time there is an anniversary, birthday or other occasion. I do try to look forwards, but life sometimes has a very forceful way of reminding me of the past.

Kay is off shortly to the other side of the world for a 3-week holiday and when she gets back to the UK she is going to a music festival. She wanted me to dig out our 8-man tent, which has not been used for at least 5 years, so that she and her friends can all share one tent at the festival. Not sure where it was and where its components (poles, sleeping compartments, pegs) were, we decided yesterday to a) find it; b) put it up to see what, if anything, was missing; and c) waterproof it in preparation for when she would need it in a few weeks.

Greg and I were avid campers and we used to take Kay on many a camping holiday when she was growing up. Over the years we have accumulated 4 different-sized tents, so it was essential I find the right tent and the right poles and the right sleeping compartments. It meant digging deep into an old tea chest we keep in the garage with such things in.  I have not needed to go there since Greg died. To my horror,
is what I found
tucked in amongst the tent poles.....

10 bottles of whisky!

Just when I feel I am getting on top of things, something comes along to kick me in the sides and remind me!


Nota Bene said...

Oh...and you always seem to be so good at getting on and doing things...looking forward in my terms. I suspect you will always be finding things that will make you reflect on times past...only moving (a bit too drastic I suspect) or hiring a skip and having a massive clear out will solve the problem.

Anyway, about time you had a holiday isn't it? How's Snoopy doing?

Flowerpot said...

I think you are so brave - I agree with NB that you def need a holiday. And ye,s what about Snoopy?

K Ville said...

I think it would be unnatural not to look back at trigger times. It is part of living in a world that insists we live life by a calender. Looking back at those times is one thing but I the frustration of still finding bottles is a different thing. You'll probably have to resign yourself to them turning up. If nothing else perhaps we can pay some respect to his hiding ingenuity, he still keeps surprising us.

NB asked about Snoopy, can you add your mum onto that update, I do hope her rotten pain is starting to ease up a bit.

Ellen said...

A kick in the side as you say, raking up painful, bitter/sweet memories yet again. Off to the bottle bank as quick as you can and back to tents in the garden -I'm sure you and Kay will have a bit of a giggle and some great memories will come flooding back, washing the painful ones away. I hope Kay has a blast on her trip and that your Mum and Snoopy are making good recoveries. Take care, be gentle with yourself.