18 July 2012

Nuts and earplugs.

Kay and I had a lovely day on her 21st. After she had opened her presents, we went out locally for a lovely Italian lunch, taking my mother too who was staying with me for a couple of weeks. Much hilarity ensued in the restaurant when my mother (who is nearly 89 and a bit hard of hearing) said in rather loud voice "I can't find my nuts. What are my nuts called?" She was of course referring to the pistacchio dessert she had ordered.

We rounded off the day going to the West End to see Les Miserables, one of Kay's favourite musicals which her school had bravely put on many years ago. Although we knew all the music off by heart (and Kay plays some of it on the piano), it was still a joy to hear the beautiful voices of the cast. The stage play and scene changes were absolutely ingenious and mesmerising too.

Snoopy's mouth continues to improve and he has bounded back from his anaesthetic with no problems. For a dog getting on for 14, he really is a wonder at times.

I have a house full of 21-year-olds this coming weekend, as Kay's friends from uni come down to celebrate belatedly with her. They're going to be clubbing on Friday night and returning to my house in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. Time for some earplugs, I think.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Sounds like Kay (and you and your mum) had a great 21st.

Thinking of you at the weekend - have you earplugs at the ready?

Glad to here Snoopy has bounded back to health.

Anna :o]

Flowerpot said...

sounds like a great party and glad Snoopy is recovering. Hope weekend isnt too noisy! x

Anonymous said...

It's good to celebrate your 21st, that milestone into "growing up" land! Glad it went well. Hope Kay has a lovely weekend with her friends.

CJ x

Shammickite said...

You're very brave, inviting a houseful of uni student to your home for the weekend! I think it would be fun!
Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

Ellen said...

Glad to hear that Kay had a lovely 21st Birthday celebration and also that your Mum could be there too. Hope all goes well this weekend and that Kay has a fabulous time.

Technogran said...

I'm currently considering wearing earplugs all the time these days, to drown out traffic noise, that bird who always sings outside my window at 4.30am every morning, in the supermarket when shopping to drown out the sound of screaming and crying children....I could go on, in fact, I might just do a blog post about this very subject.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

A lovely evening for Kay's birthday, dinner and Les Mis, perfect. One of my favourite musicals. Glad to hear your mum enjoyed it too.And good news about Snoopy, he is a wonder dog! Good luck with the houseful. A x