02 July 2012

Lofty conversations

Miracle of miracles. I actually got a cold caller to hang up on me today.
Having been inundated this last few months by the same jolly jolly automated-voice call feigning surprise that I had not rushed to grab taken up their horrendously expensive  bargain offer of loft insulation, I was annoyed to receive yet another one. Instead of banging down the receiver and yelling expletives, as is my normal wont, I decided to "press one" to speak to an adviser. With absolutely not even an infinitesimal time delay at all, a cheery adviser (obviously already working out her fat commission from a potential sale) sprang into action and proceeded to say she wanted to ask me a few questions first.

"No," I screamed, "I want to ask YOU a question first. Why do I keep on getting inundated with these calls about....." The line went dead. She had hung up on me and all before I could tell her I don't even have a loft. I've got a flat roof, you see.
picture courtesy of thisismoney.co.uk


Nota Bene said...

Excellent piece of revenge...do you know the Telephone Preference Service, you can register and then stop (most of) these blighters

ADDY said...

NB. I did register with them not all that long ago but still get these blessed calls. :(

Anonymous said...

They are so annoying. I see you're registered with the TPS. I re-registered about 6 weeks ago and the calls have definitely dropped considerable. We still get international ones though but don't pick them up anymore.

CJ x

Student Nurse said...

My favourite trick, if they ask to speak to the owner of the property/my partner/or even me, is to say 'Hold the line and I'll get them'.

I place the phone near the tv or radio if on and just go about my business. Many of them have waited several minutes before hanging up.

If they want to waste MY time, I'm happy to reciprocate.

Kelloggs Ville said...

I'm with TPS so I don't get many of these but I got one the other day. I asked lots of questions about who they were, what they were selling, contact details etc and then told them I was registered with the TPS and they hung up sharpish!