29 June 2012

Halfway there

Today is Kay's last day of her third year at medical school and she's halfway to becoming a doctor. It's a five-year course but she has opted to do what a lot of medical schools offer and take a year out doing intercalation.  (Bristol sums up intercalation thus - although Kay is not at Bristol, but it is pretty much the same all over the country.) It is basically a year out in the middle of a medical or dental degree to study another (relevant to medicine) subject to BSc degree level, get a paper published, a BSc degree in one year and acquire brownie points which will help when eventually seeking a job.  She'll continue with year 4 of Medicine at the end of the intercalated year. This means she has a six-year slog altogether and is thus now halfway through.
picture courtesy of "Ask a Dropout"

She is also moving house this weekend. Up to now she has shared with 4 other medics but some are moving into their own (parent-bought) flats* as they are sick of student accommodation, one is moving in with a boyfriend, and Kay and another are moving out to another student house share. They all have to move out of their old house by 30 June but cannot move in to the new house until 1 July which means she is homeless for 24 hours. She has solved the problem by arranging to move her stuff (including some small furniture) into a friend's new flat* for 24 hours until she can move into the new house, but I questioned what others would do if they did not have a friend's flat to move into and that the agents should relent and let her move in a day earlier to avoid complication (the new house is already empty so that wouldn't have been a problem). Kay's reply was that there are thousands in the same boat this weekend, so expect to see a lot of young people wandering around with their homes on their back on Saturday night!


Nota Bene said...

If I see any vagrant students I'll be sure to offer them a cup of coffee...doesn't time fly? I can't believe Kay is at this stage already

Kelloggs Ville said...

poor kids. It amazes me how they take it all in their stride.

Furtheron said...

I remember this dilema for my son at one point - he was out of his halls of residence one day but not into his flat until the day after. We went up and retrieved a lot of his stuff - he stayed in a B&B room around the corner from the new flat with frankly everything stuffed in there... the owner was not best pleased but given he'd taken the money for the room that was that. His friend moving in with him simply spent all night moving his boxed the 2 miles from the uni to the new flat in a sort of bizarre relay event. sadly when he did sleep for a couple of hours someone stole three of those boxes! Gits!

Since then he moved to a new set of flats and the owner of them is really good, let him move in a day early etc. Always helpful - it isn't cheap but as they say you get what you pay for

nappy valley girl said...

Good luck to Kay! My husband intercalated in his medical degree, at Bristol (yes I knew him even then - we met as students). You can tell her that it stood him in really good stead - he went on to do a PhD later in his career and is now doing a research fellowship in New York. It gives you many more options than just the standard route to becoming a doctor.

Ellen said...

I can't believe that Kay has finished her 3rd year at medical school - it only feels 5 minutes ago that you were posting about your visits to potential universities with Kay. You must be so proud of her. Wishing her all the best this coming year and wishing you both a lovely summer holidays together.