20 October 2011


I'm a millionairess! I've inherited millions, won millions and there are more parcels of money at Heathrow Airport waiting for me to collect. I shall of course donate some to my friends, some to my wider family, some to charity and have a life of leisure on the rest. Kay and I shall never want for anything...........yayyyy!

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Hang on a minute, before I put the champagne on ice, maybe there's a catch. For some weird reason, for the last three weeks, I have been inundated (and I mean inundated) with spam emails from Mr This and Mrs That (with Nigerian-sounding names ) congratulating me on my big wins, inheritance or whatever. I've had a few sob stories from complete strangers who are on the verge of dying and suddenly thought of little old me to pass their wealth to. I even got one from the FBI (as if). I am being ever so good and resisting the temptation (best leave the wealth of this world to others who need it more) and have been deleting the emails as fast as they come in, for the most part without even reading them, but for the life of me I don't understand why I have gone overnight from having no spam email EVER to at least ten a day now. With junk mail through your physical letterbox, there are organisations you can write to in order to get your address removed from mailing lists. Anyone know how to get these cyber idiots off my back and spambox?


Furtheron said...

Difficult - sadly your address is now clearly on a list being circulated within the Spamming community.

They pick them up using harvesters which scan for them on web sites or by simply sending out spam hoping that you'll respond... even sometimes hitting "unsubscribe" so something you didn't remember subscribing to in the first place is how they get a "hit" and then they pass it on knowing that there is someone on that address.

Nota Bene said...

What a pain. Hotmail has a button you click for pfishing e-mails, and most other e-mail software has a button for junk...it may/may not help.

P.S. can you lend me a fiver now?

Anonymous said...

What a swizz! I never get the Nigerian millions, I get marriage proposals via FaceBook.

I appear to be like catnip to young Nigerian men who really go for the, "older" woman.

Does anyone actually fall for all these scams do you think?

Alice said...

you got me going there!!

heres my new place

'alice' xxx (fff)

Spencer Park said...

Sadly, I get them as well.

I had one from National Lottry HQ informing me I'd won the euromillions and needed to contact them to confirm the method of bank transfer!

Working Mum said...

Never respond to an e-mail you don't know, as Furtheron says, just unsubscribing can alert them to the fact that your e-mail address is a real one and then they inundate you. Sadly, the only way to avoid them now is to change your e-mail address which is what we had to do with my husband's. Pain, but works.

DogLover said...

Don't you have a Spam Filter? This is much better than just deleting the incoming rubbish emails, because any further emails from that source will go into it and you won't see them or know about them.

Kelloggsville said...

I suspect something has gone wrong with your spam filter. If you use webmail there will be a spam filter on it and it should sort these out for you. Whatever you use you usually need to 'train' it to know they are spam. Mark them as junk/spam before deleting them. I use Norton to filter mine but I suspect that my ISP is filtering out the worst of them already.

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Ellen said...

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ADDY said...

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Frances Garrood said...

We've been inundated with phone calls recently, most of them from foreign lands, hoping to help us with everything from computers to isulation. I know these people are only trying to scratch a living, but so am I, and I've had ENOUGH! So, sympathies.

Anonymous said...

They're a pathetic bunch of wallies with either no job, no life, no friends or no morals. Probably all. I get loads of them as well. I read something in the paper about them not long ago after some poor bugger had taken it seriously and been scammed out of thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, there are some folk out there who actually believe this crap.

CJ xx

DS said...

Just don't reply to unknown E mails, I get tons of Nigerian 4 1 9's, offers from Eastern European women, messages from banks I don't have accounts with and other rubbish, just send them to your junk folder and block them.

Achelois said...

don't open them ever, just opening them can cause problems, just send them to your spam folder. Poor you. You may end up needing to change your email address.