29 April 2009

Officially retired

Greg is 60 today. How do you celebrate and what do you buy a man who is an alcoholic and not in the best of health? I have resorted to buying him lots of books, as he has always been an avid reader and hungry for knowledge, so that is always a safe bet. I even have to delicately sift through birthday cards, when buying them for him, as they tend to have pictures of beer glasses and champagne bottles on them.

But how to celebrate?
I thought long and hard about whether to put on a surprise party, but then decided against it. The majority of friends and colleagues know nothing at all about his problem, as it only developed after he took early retirement and he barely sees any of them any more. A party would therefore bring it to their attention. They would also find it very strange to have a party with no alcohol whatsoever, particularly for such a special event. I asked Greg what he would prefer and he took weeks mulling it over, but decided he did not really want a big fuss. He, Kay and I hope to go out for a special meal tonight, but I fear he will already be drunk well before then, as he is meeting a few old media work colleagues for a lunchtime drink. As they do not know of his problem, they will probably ply him with drinks to celebrate and he will not be able to refuse the many rounds that will ensue. In fact he will have a field day. I shall then get nervous about whether he will behave himself in the restaurant tonight. That's if he is upright enough to get there in the first place! On the other hand, it is his sixtieth, so he deserves a special day.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

The awful cramping tummy not knowing what the day will bring.I hate those.
Hopefully the evening will go well Though like you the odds are are for the horizontal position before you leave. shame.

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about you.

If all fails make sure that you and Kay go anyway,


Robert said...

I agree with you that Greg should be able to do more or less as he wishes today.

As for you and Kay, I guess you'll have to play it the way it comes. If he's too inebriated, could you persuade him to come home & pig out on a superior delivered meal? That would be a safer bet for you. I can't see that an embarrassing time at a good restaurant would be any fun for any of you.

rosiero said...

Robert - yes that will be plan B - we have plenty of takeaways around us, or I have things I can cook if need be. Fingers crossed, it goes well tonight.

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well tonight Rosiero whichever plan you have to employ. The timing of somethings, in this case the lunch, always seem to crop up at the worst of times. I had this scenario thrust on me once with my mum so would definitely rule out the restraunt if he has had too many. Its really not worth the stress for you and Kay.

All the best


aims said...

I suppose it could always be another day.

Over here it's 65 for official retirement.

rosiero said...

Aims - same here. Men get their state pension at 65, women at 60 (though it is about to change and they are gradually introducing retirement for women at 65 too). However, some professions (such as civil servants and public corporations) retire their staff at 60, so they get their company pensions then and have to wait a further 5 years for the state pension.

rosiero said...

Footnote. We have been out this evening. Greg had had two glasses of wine with his lunch, followed by a half-bottle of whisky during the course of the afternoon. We then went out for a meal this evening and he had a further glass of wine. He was slurring his words and being embarrassing with the waiting staff, but Kay and I just braved it out and we got home (me driving) without major incident. He is now drinking some more red wine and says he has had a good day!

Flowerpot said...

difficult to know what to do but I hope the evening is enjoyed by you and Kay - as much as you can anyway.