20 November 2008

Award and Tag


Strawberry Jam Anne has been kind enough to give me the Kreativ Blogger Award, the rules of which are to reveal six things that make me happy and then nominate six fellow bloggers. She has also tagged me to reveal six "interesting" facts about myself and pass this tag on to others. Being short of time at the moment, I thought I would ask the same six award winners to accept the tag, if they so wish. There is no compulsion to do so. I shall not be offended. So here we go....

Things that make me happy

1. Seeing my beautiful daughter each day.

2. Watching the dog lie on his back with his legs in the air, when he wants a cuddle.

3. Walking along a seashore on a sunny day.

4. Gardening - I love to commune with nature, work up a sweat, see something grow and know that I have made it happen.

5. Christmas Day (I'm a kid at heart, shame about the body!!)

6. A nice Sunday roast.

Interesting facts about me....

1. I won a prize for a cookery competition, when I was twelve.

2. Alongside German, I studied Latin as a university subject. (I wanted to study German and French, but the French course was so full I had my arm twisted into reading Latin instead.) I had to read several books in Latin, all of which I have since forgotten, but I find Latin is very useful for unravelling the meaning of complicated English words. Such a shame schools tend not to teach Latin these days.

3. I am useless at sport and cannot swim a single stroke or ride a bike, as I missed out learning in childhood. I have tried to wobble on a bike as an adult, but gave up in disgust. I also used to take Kay swimming and go up to my armpits in water, but just couldn't bring myself to go under! Anything else which involves running about or being competitive is just not me.

4. I once walked 25 miles in one day for charity. This was before the invention of trainers and I wore really hard shoes which gave me zillions of blisters by about the third mile. At the end of the walk I crawled into a taxi for the journey home!

5. I love dressmaking and make my own curtains. I am going to tackle reupholstering the sofas - they could do with it and it'll be a challenge.

6. In my life so far I have had a few phobias which I have managed to overcome. The current one is a hatred of motorways. I would sooner drive a million miles around one than a mile along one. I will go on sufferance as a passenger, but even then I do not enjoy the journey.

I am nominating the following if they care to pick up the award and be tagged at the same time....

1. Dulwich Divorcee - for never failing to make me smile.
2. Millennium Housewife - who also has the ability to make me guffaw.
3. Reluctant Memsahib - for her beautifully descriptive account of being in an African outpost.
4. My Wife has Agoraphobia - for his devotion and support for his wife.
5. Don't Panic - for his tales as a single father of a teenager.
6. Crystal Jigsaw - for her description of the natural and supernatural events in a Northumberland farmhouse.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

So pleased you were able to accept and take part Rosiero. Good to see your lovely "happy list" - it made me smile. And a great "interesting" list too. Well done on your cookery prize. I'm with you on sport, although I did eventually learn to swim. Have wobbled on a bike as well and fell off! So that was that. Also dislike motorway driving although sometimes need to do it to visit my daughter.

Will now visit some of the blogs you have mentioned.

A x

Flowerpot said...

I can't stand motorways either! Always interesting hearing other people's loves and hates. I agree about dogs lying on their backs too!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from another big fan of Christmas.

And I see two of my favourite bloggers on your list. Small world, isn't it!

Kit Courteney said...

I love Christmas, too... But I love motorways I'm afraid... I much prefer them to fiddly, little 'unsafe' roads!

I know you get given awards on a regular basis, so apologies if you're a bit awarded-out, but I'm giving you one (over on my blog) for your 'Attitude'.

You are a credit to your family and have the rest of us gagging for more info!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Thank you for the tag and the award. Really love getting awards and appreciate this one very much.

Love Crystal xx

Fern said...

Hi Rosiero,
Thank you for your comment, I haven't been able to be online much lately but hopefully life is getting back to normal now.
I have been catching up and am horrified to read about your ordeal at the case conference.
I am with you on hating motorway driving and I can't put my head under the water or swim either.

Nota Bene said...

Those are twelve lovely 'happy' things and interesting facts. I'm hopeless at languages...but enjoyed Latin for a couple of years - you can buy Harry Potter in Latin evidently!

Thank you for the award...I might struglle with six interesting things, but I'll have a bash!

Stinking Billy said...

rosiero, You mean that dogs do that, too? ;-) Nice post, but don't you go and meme me. x

Millennium Housewife said...

Rosiro, the award is an incredible honour, especially coming from you, not only a blogger whose writing brings me to appreciate my own life in ways you cannot imagine, but also who wears her own life with such courage, fortitude, dignity, hope and sense of humour. I'm a bit rubbish at personal stuff but I swear my 'blog book' (read: geek book) is filled with many ideas for 'interesting things about me'. The minute i find six i will in turn reciprocate the list....Much love to you and thankyou for your blog. MH

rosiero said...

SJA - I know a lot of people who hate motorways.

Flowerpot - my dog seems to know that as soon as he does that, I'll come running to give him a cuddle. So who is reacting to Pavlovian instinct - him or me?

David - Hiya. Thanks for calling by.

Kit - thanks for the compliment.

Crystal - you deserve it. Ilove reading your blog.

Fern - great to see you back again. Was missing those beautiful photos and poems.

Nota Bene - Doubt I could manage all of Harry Potter in Latin, though a lot of the spells were in Latin in the English version!!.

Stinking Billy - I know you don't like memes or awards, otherwise you'd be up front on my list for your cheery, interesting posts. The thought of you lying on your back with your legs in the air is, to quote my daughter, "too much information!!" ;-]

MH - Now you are embarrassing me!

Erika Kerry said...

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