08 November 2008



Cologne Blog has very kindly awarded me the Friendship Around the World award. I in turn should like to pass the gesture on to the following blogs:

Three Dog Blog - USA
Reluctant Memsahib - Tanzania
Big Blue Barn West - Canada
Unruly and Enchanting - Argentina

By promoting friendship around the world, we can strive to make this planet a better place for the next generation to live in.


aims said...

Oh my friend! Thank you for this. It is very kind.

And thank you for reaching out to me during my sadness. I wanted to let you know I have seen your comments and they have touched my heart.

I missed the first candle ceremony as my brother was here picking up his cats. That was followed by sobbing as the quiet of the house hit home.

It hits home every single second now and I walk around bursting into tears much of the day. A love like that just doesn't go snap and it's gone. It lingers and hurts and I know it will for a very long time.

Bless you for this Rosiero. You are such a lovely friend.

laurie said...

now this is a terrific award. i love the message. i am proud to accept it! and i will send it on to lovely bloggers in other countries. i already have several in mind. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

oh rosiero, thank you. this award (bow, giggle, nervous shuffling of feet) means more than you probably know. there's this weird thing about blogging, this weird ''can i call them friends if i have never met them? don't know what they look like?". This proves i can. There is something reassuiring in that. Something that makes me feel less disconnected. thank you x

The Dotterel said...

Great news - well deserved, too.

Anonymous said...

So I see, this award brings a lot of joy into the world ...

Retiredandcrazy said...

No-one deserves it more than you Rosario.

Cee said...

Thank you so much Rosiero, it has been great to get to know you. Surely being able to make friends around the world, and share bits of their lives, is the best thing about blogging. I will look forward to passing it on.