22 November 2016

There's none so blind......

Yesterday I went off to do some serious Christmas shopping. After a while I began to flag so called into a High Street chain coffee house to perk up a bit and stress over how much money I had spent rest my weary legs. I got a window seat and engaged in one of my favourite pastimes..... people-watching. I challenged the theory that one in four people are obese and found it to be quite true. No wonder we are facing a diabetes epidemic. Hips as wide as barn doors staggering along pushing prams or hobbling along on sticks. How do people get to that stage without realising they are extremely overweight? I confess that in the last few years I have become a stone overweight, but  do make serious attempts to bring it back to a normal healthy weight, as anything more than stone is more difficult to shift. But how do you pile on the multiple stones without noticing enough is enough?

While I was people-watching, a blind lady came past the window on her own. She had one of those sticks with a rubber ball on the end that she swept back and forth in front of her to detect obstacles. Suddenly she was confronted with an obstacle - an approaching pair of feet.  They were about to kick her stick up in the air, when they realised and averted an accident.  The approaching pair of feet belonged to someone with their nose stuck so much in their mobile phone that they were oblivious to any obstacles in front of them. Just who was the blind one in that situation? 


Valerie said...

Phone usage on highways should be banned. If they can do it to car drivers they should be able to do it to pedestrians. I hope the one you mentioned learned something from the encounter with the blind lady.

I agree with you about obese people. You would think their pride would deal with the situation. I remember when I was overweight (nothing compared, though) feeling most uncomfortable, and bad enough to do something about it.

Maggie May said...

Yes, I understand about piling on the pounds. I too, could shed a stone or so but usually go to serious lengths to cut down if it gets any more than that.
I've also noticed how huge people are getting as I people watch too and some can hardly walk.

I've also noticed that a chunk of our society don't bother about anyone else, as long as THEY can get on a bus that's all that matters. Hence the shoving and elbowing out of the way. It's good to know that not everyone is like that though.,, some are really kind.
Maggie x

Rab said...

My wife loves people watching too Addy. I can see its appeal.

I totally agree with the blindness of modern society. The worrying thing I feel is I am seeing it more and more on the roads. These devices are great in small measures but most don't use it that way leading to a mindless state.

All the best


Flowerpot said...

I was on a train the other day and noticed that EVERYONE (bar me) spent most of the journey on the phone. and most of them were pretty huge, too. What is it with society now?

Evelyn Hill said...

They're lobsters.
You put a lobster in warm water, and it doesn't notice a problem. If you gradually turn up the heat, the lobster doesn't notice the difference until it's too warm.

You add a pound or two, and you don't notice. Gotta sit at that desk for 10 hours a day, then sit in the car for 2 hours a day, then you have family time, and who has time to exercise? And suddenly nothing fits and your doctor is telling you to Lose Weight Or Else. Then you have to undo the habits of years. 'The chains of habit are too weak to be noticed until they are too strong to be broken.' Or that's what it feels like.