08 February 2016

The saga goes on

Following on from my last post, I saw the lung consultant last week. He decided I needed a further three tests before everything can be wrapped up. So last Thursday I had a PET scan where they inject a radioactive tracer into you and scan you. The worst bits were the (by now usual)  nil by mouth for 6 hours, having to lie completely still without moving a hair and keeping my arms above my head for 20 minutes while they scanned me. I never realised how long 20 minutes can be. Thank goodness I didn't get an itch or want to sneeze.

On Thursday this week  I am having a bronchoscopy with ultrasound. The medical term is EBUS. Sounds like you are going on an electronic magical mystery tour, doesn't it? In reality it means EndoBronchial UltraSound - in other words they shove a camera and an ultrasound probe down into your lungs. O joy! After two gastroscopies and a colonoscopy since December, I'm getting a dab hand at this.

The following week I'm having lung function tests. Yay.......

Hopefully once that is all wrapped up, I shall know a bit more what has also shown up on my lungs and when I am having the stomach operation to remove the tumour. Unless, of course, in the meantime another bit of me shows up in these tests needing urgent attention.

The good news is that there is very little of my inner anatomy that has not been explored these last few weeks (apart from limbs and brain), so I'm getting the best of medicals imaginable.


Pam said...

Oh dear, poor you. How very trying.

Graham Hunt said...

I hope is resolved soon.

I'm in a similar position - I had indigestion and pain. The pain was bad one night. The next time it hit I ended up in hospital. Scans etc. followed. Now I'm on the list for a gallbladder removal which they hope will resolve the symptoms - but can't guarantee. But still at least I think it is good they've looked inside me and that things are being done.

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

Mr Him had cameras both ends last year. They didn't meet in the stomach as it was different days. Thinking of you. All most uncomfortable and worrying.

auntiegwen said...

Bless you, hoping it's all resolved soon x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Have just read what you have been going through and just want to send you very best wishes xx

Maggie May said...

Sorry you're going through the mill and I sincerely hope they can put things right if they find anything that needs doing.
Maggie x

DD's Diary said...

Hi Addy, sending you lots of love, I know how this hospital stuff can take over your life, but at least you are in very good hands (despite Hunt's best efforts) and I bet Kay has given you a telling off for not getting everything checked earlier! Don't worry too much about the PET scan showing up stuff in the lungs, as I'm sure you've been told the scan picks up EVERYTHING and most of it is NOTHING but of course it is very alarming. Try and keep busy if poss and keep your mind off it all - I know I've been snarky about mindfulness but it is really excellent at keeping the worry at bay xx

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