20 May 2015

The Long Long Wait

Well, the exams are done and it's now a waiting game until the results are out.  A long wait.  A long long wait. Four whole weeks in fact. A time to relax after weeks of hard study, but relaxation is hardly a way to describe the state of tension Kay's in for fear those results are not the ones she wants.

picture courtesy of wisegeek.com


Flowerpot said...

Oh, everything crossed!

Ellen said...

Good luck Kay - I'm sure she will pass all her exams with flying colours.

And good luck to you too Addy with the long wait. I hope you and Kay find lots of fun things to do to amuse yourselves in the meantime.

Working Mum said...

Four weeks will seem so much longer waiting for the results. I hope it all goes well (I'm sure it will). WM x

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Fingers crossed for dear Kay - and I suspect you are nail-biting too.
Kind regards
Anna :o]

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