12 September 2013

Museum Piece

I told you my mum hoards things and can't bear to throw them away. If proof be needed, two items have been accepted by the local museum

One is a brown Bakelite electric hairdryer pretty much identical to this one 
in its own carry-case complete with mirror estimated to have been manufactured in about the 1940s or possibly even 1930s. It first belonged to my grandmother and I used to use it as a child.

The other is a set of kitchen weighing scales complete with weights similar to this one. 

I can't help having a big smile on my face that my mum's home is part of a museum!


Nota Bene said...

Marvelous...bet Health and Safety would have an heart attack about the hairdryer

Furtheron said...

But they lasted didn't they ... Not like the stuff you buy now that falls to bits in mins.

My Mum had a hairdryer similar to that for years it must have been 30 years or more when it was thrown out.

K Ville said...

oh fantastic. great finds. Bakerlite! You could have sold that down the Portobello (but much nicer to share with every one in the museum)

Eurodog said...

Isn't it fun to find these things!

Cro Magnon said...

I'd have given you a quid for the scales, but the dryer is probably best in the museum!

Almost American said...

How nice that you found somewhere for those items to go instead of the bin!