30 November 2012

The best laid plans of mice and men

Well, the birthday didn't quite go according to plan. In fact it didn't ressemble what was planned at all! However, it was just as good fun. My two bezzie friends had emailed a few days before to say they wouldn't be able to join me for lunch after all as both had gone down with the bubonic plague in varying forms - one with throaty/chest infection and the other with norovirus. It couldn't be helped and we promised to do something another time. However Greg's sister Jill was still on track to come down to London and we planned something completely different for the day.

First of all we made a beeline for Carnaby Street, as Jill had heard of a lovely chocolatier shop in that area that makes exquisite chocolate sculptures. Called Choccywoccydoodah, it was certainly an eye-opener both in terms of sculptures and the prices! Here are just some of the pictures I took on the ground floor level of their shop.

We went upstairs to their quirky cafe (even the toilets were well worth a visit for their quirkiness) and indulged in a lunch of chocolate dipping pot (choice of melted dark, milk or white chocolate with a variey of things to dip in it ranging from strawberries, marshmallow, turkish delight, brownies, tiffin and shortbread). Although the plate didn't look too filling at the start, I can assure you it made us stagger out onto the streets afterwards!

After a wander through the streets of Soho, we ended up on our way to the German market again on the South Bank  to have a look at the stalls.

We returned home for a cup of tea and a sit with the dog, before venturing out again in the evening for a meal at  my local Mexican restaurant. After our main course of chicken fajita, Jill let slip to one of the waiters that it was my birthday and, before we knew it, a slice of chocolate cake ended up in front of me complete with sizzling sparkler and a tambourine-shaking Mexican waiter (or then again he might have been from Scunthorpe). I told him it was really my 21st birthday and he picked up the table number sign, bearing the number 16  and nodded (I wish !)

Both unofficial and official birthdays were great. Thanks Jill and Kay!


Nota Bene said...

Aaah! Choccywoccydooda..the original was in Brighton...still is...and I love peering in through the window...wonderful place...

Kelloggs Ville said...

Think I know where I'm going tomorrow now!

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Addy, your birthday celebrations all sound delicious. And to top it off with a trip to the German market and a lovely meal in the evening ...a perfect day. Many happy returns xx

Flowerpot said...

Sounds like a terrific birthday Addy - and you have more celebrations to look forward to!