03 July 2011

Yet another clue

OK. You must have some idea now. Does this tie in with your thinking?


DogLover said...

Hmmm... Red rag - to a bull? You're going to a bullfight in southern Spain!

I've won the prize!

[Thinks: But where's the connection with Daphne du Maurier?]

Flowerpot said...

I am definitely being slow here Addy. I do hope you are going to Spain but have lost the bit about DduM. Enlighten us please!

Flowerpot said...

OK had time to think - it's Venice. From the D du M story whose name escapes me made into a film with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland which starts with what they think is their dead child running along in a little red mack. Got it?

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Flowerpot because she's clever and I'm not!

CJ xx