16 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Things start to get busy over the days leading up to Christmas. For a start, tomorrow, I have to have my boobs squashed flat as a pancake in one of those medieval torture-chamber mammogram machines. It's a routine three-yearly check-up that we poor old fifty-somethings have to go through and I don't much relish it. It always hurts and the whole procedure can only have been invented by a man. If men had to have their genitalia pincered paper-thin in a similar fashion, they would have invented an alternative pretty damn quickly.

Snow permitting (and we have had a fair bit of sleet/snow in London today) I hope to collect my mother by car after the weekend and bring her back to the alcoholic daze madhouse for the Christmas period. She did say she wouldn't mind if she spent Christmas on her own. I was not sure whether that was code for "please don't make me endure yet another Christmas with Greg" or whether she was just being considerate, trying to spare me the drive in both directions, as she hates to see me chasing my tail, which I invariably do. Anyhow, I have said there is no way I would see her spend Christmas on her own with a solitary chicken leg for her lunch, so she will be with us, whether she likes it or not. Greg spends most of his time asleep on a dining chair downstairs anyway, so my mum, Kay and I will be separate from him in the lounge upstairs. We'll try our best to eat as much chocolate as we can and fall asleep during the films.

Kay is already back from uni and we have been having lots of girlie chats and catch-up conversations. She seems so mature after just one term and is fascinating to listen to.

I leave you with the following carol to get you in the Christmas mood. Many thanks to all of you who over the past year have offered advice, a shoulder to cry on, or have just been there for me. I appreciate it very much.

Happy (or should that be merry) Christmas ....from Rosiero


Robert said...

I hope that you, Kay and your mum have a peaceful, pleasant Christmas. And if I don't hear from you before the end of this year, a happy new year to you too.

aims said...

I've heard that if you go without caffeine for 2 weeks prior to a mammogram that it doesn't hurt as much.

Are you saying that you have to have them 3 times a year - or every 3 years?

I myself heave the thing up onto that cold plate once a year and shuffle in closer please - without much pain at all.

I don't know if anyone has come up with the reason why some feel so much pain and some don't.

All that being said - Merry Christmas. I hope it is as painless as can be with Greg in the house.

Nota Bene said...

Have a lovely Christmas...hope the women of the house are able to relax and have fun...and hopefully the second decade of the twenty first century is better than the first for you

Flowerpot said...

Well done for bringing your mum back to you for Chrsitmas - I'm sure she'll really appreciate it. Andnyes I hate those mammograms. Ouch - and cold!

Elaine said...

I haven't had one of those awful things yet but I've heard they're nasty, so good luck. Just tell youreslf that it is far better than the other option...

I wish you, Kay, your Mum AND Greg a wonderful, peaceful Christmas. xxx

elsy said...

have a wonderful christmas with your mum and kay.................you of all people truely deserve it. x

rosiero said...

Thank you for your comments. As I write, it is snowing again and more snow forecast overnight, so I could be snowed in for a few days yet before I can collect my mum.

Aims - the mammograms are routinely done in the UK every three years for women between 50 and 70 and of course outside those age bands for women with a high risk of breast cancer. I survived this morning, but, as always, it was painful.

Nechtan said...

Have a great Christmas Rosiero,

I've sure, regardless of what other circumstances there are, having your daughter and mum there will be a great joy for you all.

All the best


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

and a merry christmas to you too rosiero..hoe you have a calming one..with Kay and your mum and that greg is good!?

lots of love

saz x

Ellen said...

Your description of the mammogram made me chuckle - a little too loudly for a woman fast approaching 50! But glad it is over for you. And you are so right - it definitely sounds like it was invented by a misogynist.

Best wishes to you and your family for a very happy and (hopefully) peaceful Christmas. The Christmas carol was beautiful, a lovely Christmas gift. Thank you.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Wishing you a very happy Christmas, and hoping it is peaceful too. It sounds like you will have a good time though, despite the alcoholic daze! I'm sure you mum will be looking forward to spending time with you and Kay.

CJ xx

Furtheron said...

It's a happy Christmas from me... now a merry one.

Re Kay - the change in my son (he is a year further on at uni) is amazing. Suddenly you have a true adult as your child and that seems all sort of weird doesn't it?

Kit Courteney said...

How lovely for you to have your daughter back with you.

May you all have a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

Very best wishes for the new year

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Selina Kingston said...

Thank you for posting the Angels' Carol. I bow to John Rutter, and in between all the running around today, that has given me a small oasis of calm and brought a tear to my eye just at the pure beauty of the arrangement.
Hope your mammogram went OK and that you are enjoying having your mum and daughter around you again.
Happy Christmas x